Genshin Impact Evernight Temple Labyrinth Date's Challenge Guide

The Evernight Temple Labyrinth and Date’s Challenge are secrets that are part of Genshin Impact‘s Enkonomiya region. You’ll rotate several walls, activate totems, and hit mechanisms to get through the maze. Here’s our Genshin Impact Evernight Temple Labyrinth and Dates’s Challenge guide to help you solve these Enkanomiya puzzles.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub. Likewise, you can take a look at our main guide regarding Whitenight and Evernight puzzles.


Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya guide – Evernight Temple Labyrinth and Date’s Challenge

Completing the Evernight Temple Labyrinth

The Evernight Temple Labyrinth in Genshin Impact can be found in the northeastern section of this area. As you can see in the featured image up top, the outline is only visible during Evernight. Now, while you’re facing that direction, look down below you to find a ledge. It has the Whitenight/Evernight switch, as well as two Triangular Mechanisms.

Genshin Impact Evernight Temple Labyrinth Date's Challenge Guide 1a

  • First, make the swap to Whitenight so you can interact with the Triangular Mechanisms.
  • Hit the device on the left once. This causes the outer section to rotate.
  • Hit the device on the right once. This causes the inner section to rotate.
  • Switch back to Evernight.

Make sure you have a decent vantage point so you can look at the Evernight Temple Labyrinth from above. That way, you can see where you need to enter and how you can hit all the totems (use Hydro for these).

Once all four totems have been activated, the gate in the center of the maze will unlock. You can jump down and open the chest to receive a Medal of Recognition. You’ll also meet the creator of the maze, a shade named Eurydate or Date. The ghost will give you Date’s Key. You’ll be able to use the item soon because Date wants you to find his other Medal of Recognition.

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Completing Date’s Challenge

Check the marked location for the Date’s Challenge quest in Genshin Impact. Once you arrive at that spot in Serpent’s Heart, you’ll see a metal gate. You can interact with the switch and use Date’s Key to open it.

As you jump down below, you’ll notice a Whitenight/Evernight switch, two levers on the wall, several movable blocks, and a treasure chest.

Gen Pct Enksec2 Evlby Gd 1a

Our goal here is to make both sides of the room symmetrical. Here’s what we need to do:

  • Make sure you’re close to the side of the room with the treasure chest. Swap to Whitenight.
  • Pull the wall lever that’s near the chest to lift the gate.
  • Go to your right and attack the Triangular Mechanism twice. This will cause two blocks to move to the right.
  • Pull the wall lever near the chest again.
  • Go to the side of the room opposite the chest. There’s a different wall lever there that you can activate.
  • Go to the other Triangular Mechanism and hit it twice.
  • Pull the wall lever (the one that’s further away from the chest).
  • Return to the first Triangular Mechanism that you interacted with. Hit it only once.

Gen Pct Enksec2 Evlby Gd 1b

If you do the above steps correctly, you can swap back to Evernight. This will let you open the chest to receive the second Medal of Recognition. Next, return to the Evernight Temple Labyrinth and talk to Date. The shade will be happy with your accomplishment, and you’ll complete the Date’s Challenge puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Now, you can use the two Medals of Recognition on the doorway next to Date’s shade. The chest inside the treasure room nets you the Hydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku, one of the five secret books in Enkanomiya.

Gen Pct Enksec2 Evlby Gd 1c

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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