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HoYoverse has been on a roll with new game releases over the past couple of years. The Chinese developer has been rolling out the massively popular gacha games, Genshin Impact and Tears of Themis, as well as teasing the arrival of a new game Honkai: Star Rail. All this success is allowing HoYoverse to experiment with even more games. And now, the Genshin Impact developer has released a new teaser for its upcoming game, Zenless Zone Zero.

The teaser comes in form of a good, old-fashioned countdown. It’s paired with a calendar marking off the days until the eventually full-fledged reveal. The calendar has circled off May 13, implying that we’ll get a full trailer or reveal of some sort this Friday. Also on the website is an ominous CRT television in the middle of the screen, as well as a cute little clock resting on top.


You can actually mess with the television. Doing so reveals a teaser video and a gang of teenagers watching, or some spooky voice clips over a man in total distress over lies and conspiracies.

This isn’t fake

While the man in the voice clip is complaining about something being fake, this game certainly isn’t. That being said, there isn’t much we know about Zenless Zone Zero. However, you should expect it to mimic the format of HoYoverse’s tried-and-true open-world gacha games like Genshin Impact and the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail. HoYoverse has mastered the open-world gacha game format at this point, so this development wouldn’t surprise one bit.

All that said, we don’t know exactly what Zenless Zone Zero will entail based on this teaser. Though the game will apparently have some sort of shooter element (courtesy of Destructoid). Stay tuned for updates on Friday when we get more information, and we’ll find out just what’s behind this mysterious new game and what’s real and fake.

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