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The Blazin’ Trails quest in Genshin Impact reveals many secrets in Broken Isle and the Mirage Domain. One of these is a Luxurious Chest near Frozen Soul’s area that can be unlocked with a bit of backtracking. Here’s our Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide to help you find the Mirage Domain Luxurious Chest.

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Genshin Impact Blazin’ Trails guide – Mirage Domain Luxurious Chest guide

The Mirage Domain Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact is at the back of Frozen Soul’s chamber. However, it’s barred by a magical door, and the Melodic Harp that’s just outside can’t be accessed yet.

As such, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Make sure the bridge leading to Frozen Soul is in place. Traverse it but head to the right to open a different door.
  • You’ll end up in a separate worldspace. Explore is at your own leisure, taking note of the Melodic Harp and flowers that can be rotated.
  • Once you reach the platform on the far left, you’ll see a Melodic Pedal. Make sure you’re able to step on every tile without repeating a single one. This will let you interact with the Melodic Harp.
  • Ensure that the flowers are rotated properly so the seal on the chest is removed. Once the chest disappears, interact with the harp once more so that the note hits the larger flower.
  • This will create a wind current that takes you to the larger landmass at the back. There are a couple of important objects here: a doorway and another harp.
  • Don’t bother with the harp just yet. Instead, pass through the doorway to return to Blazing Heart’s/Frozen Soul’s area.
  • Hit the drum to create a bridge, and follow it to the central area. There’s another drum here that you need to hit. This will create a bridge that removes the thorny vines covering the harp near Frozen Soul’s chamber.
  • Go back to the previous bridge and inside the worldspace with the floating islands. Interact with the harp there to create rings that will boost you back to the entrance.
  • Once you pass through it, you’ll find yourself in Frozen Soul’s area once more.
  • Interact with the Melodic Harp and watch as the notes hit the magical barrier at the back. This will let you open the Mirage Domain Luxurious Chest as well as other containers.

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