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Genshin Impact is cashing in on its success, with a new batch of snazzy-looking merch on the way courtesy of Razer. These new products have everything PC gamers need, including some in-game bonuses for players to claim after they buy the product. The collaboration with the computer tech brand was announced about a month ago, and now miHoYo is finally ready to unveil some of the new loot. Exploring Teyvat with these products will surely grant you the blessings of the Gods.

Razer and miHoYo are releasing three new items: a gaming chair, mouse, and mousepad. All three items are themed to Genshin Impact, and prominently feature Paimon, everyone’s favorite emergency food. The blue gamer chair has a huge emblem of Paimon decorating the back, while the mousepad bears a standard illustration of Paimon cheering you on. The mouse itself is missing Paimon but bears a graceful design of stars and constellations.


Razer x Genshin Impact

Each product will also come with some unique in-game bonuses, including Primogems. The mouse will grant you 200 Primogems, the mousepad will grant you 30 Primogems, and the gaming chair will grant you 500 Primogems. All the products also come with a mix of Mora and Adventurer’s Wit. Of course, you’re buying the merchandise for the merch itself, and not the bonus rewards. Yet, the bonus rewards may still have you feeling a bit blue.

At the very least, the products themselves look nice, and diehard Genshin fans will definitely enjoy the designs. Shipping will start on December 9 for these products, so pre-order today if you want to get your hands on them. You can visit the official website to pre-order your favorite piece of merch now. Additionally, custom Genshin Impact designs for Orochi V2 mice and Gigantus V2 mousepads are available now, which you can learn about here.

Genshin Impact Razer

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