Genshin Impact Rite Of Descension Quest Liyue Harbor 2b

I. The Rite of Descension in Liyue Harbor

If you see the correct markers, speak with the three locals in Liyue Harbor. They’ll tell you about the Rite of Descension.


Next, head to the shrine area that’s marked on your map and activate the two censers to pray. When you’re done, watch the short cinematic.

Genshin Impact Rite Of Descension Quest Liyue Harbor 2a

This will formally introduce Ningguang, a unique character in Genshin Impact. However, she can only join your party permanently via a Wish microtransaction.

As noted in our characters guide, I’m not a fan of the Geo element, and you probably shouldn’t prioritize getting her.

Genshin Impact Rite Of Descension Quest Liyue Harbor Feat

The Escape

Anyway, it looks like something dire has happened. The Geo Archon, Rex Lapis, has been killed. Guards are now searching for the culprit.

To escape, you’ll need to move off to the side to avoid the guards. Genshin Impact isn’t Metal Gear Solid, so you should be fine. As long as the guards aren’t looking directly at your character, you won’t get detected. The patrols won’t even hear you jumping around.

Genshin Impact Rite Of Descension Quest Liyue Harbor 3a

After escaping, you’ll meet Childe, a member of the Snezhnaya Fatui. He seems to be a good guy, but don’t let that fool you since the agents of this faction are the main antagonists in Genshin Impact.

Childe will tell you to meet up in the Northland Bank (still in Liyue Harbor). Speak with him and you’re given the next step in the Rite of Descension main quest: you’ll head to Jueyun Karst and Wangshu.

Genshin Impact Rite Of Descension Quest Liyue Harbor 3b

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