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Genshin Impact: Sangonomiya Kokomi’s talent priorities and passives

Let’s talk about Sangonomiya Kokomi’s build in Genshin Impact based on her talent priorities and passives.


Normal attack: The Shape of Water – This boosts Kokomi’s normal, charged, and plunging attacks. Her normal attacks actually spawn Hydro-based fish that will attack enemies.

Elemental skill: Kurage’s Oath – This spawns a Bake-Kurage, a spectral octopus:

  • The Bake-Kurage periodically attacks enemies while healing active characters. The damage scales regularly when the skill is leveled up. The healing, meanwhile, is boosted by a base amount, as well as a bonus from Kokomi’s max HP.
  • The wording of this skill suggests that the “Wet” status is only applied to Kokomi when she uses it.

Elemental Burst: Nereid’s Ascension – Nearby enemies will be hit by a Hydro AoE. Then, Kokomi will be robed in a Ceremonial Garment. It provides the following effects while active for 10 seconds:

  • Increased normal, charged, and Bake-Kurage damage based on Kokomi’s max HP.
  • Normal and charged attacks that hit enemies will restore the health of party members based on Kokomi’s max HP.
  • Kokomi resists interruption.
  • Kokomi can move on water.
  • The effects will end when the duration elapses (10 seconds) or if Kokomi leaves the field.

If you’re solely using Kokomi as a support healer (which you should), then you’ll probably want to prioritize the Kurage’s Oath elemental skill. Although there are some perks that come with her burst, it’s not likely that we’ll actually be using her to deal damage. Instead, we can just plop down the Bake-Kurage to attack mobs and heal whoever is the active character. It pulses seven times, making it a powerful ability to keep teammates in tip-top shape.

Note: Sangonomiya Kokomi’s talents require Transcience booklets (from the Violet Court domain every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday), as well as Spectral drops from Specters. At higher levels, she needs the Hellfire Butterfly dropped by La Signora.

Passive talents:

  • Tamanooya’s Casket – Refreshes the Bake-Kurage’s duration when it’s still on the field once Kokomi uses her burst.
  • Song of Pearls – While cloaked in the Ceremonial Garment after casting her burst, Kokomi’s normal and charged attacks are increased by 15% of her healing bonus.
  • Princess of Watatsumi – Having Kokomi in your party reduces stamina consumption while swimming.
  • Flawless Strategy – Gain a +25% healing bonus but a 100% reduction to your crit rate.

Note: Flawless Strategy isn’t quite flawless. In fact, it completely pigeonholes Kokomi into a support healer role since her attacks won’t crit.

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  • C1: At Water’s Edge – The final attack in Kokomi’s combo will spawn a fish that deals 30% of her max HP as damage. This occurs when her burst is cast and she’s donned her Ceremonial Garment. This proc does not scale from her normal attack talent level.
  • C2: The Clouds Like Waves Rippling – Kokomi gains bonuses when characters are at 50% HP or less.
    • The Bake-Kurage heals for an additional 4.5% of her max HP.
    • Normal and charged attacks while the Nereid’s Ascension burst is active deal additional damage based on 0.6% of her max HP.
  • C3: The Moon, A Ship O’er the Seas – +3 levels for your elemental skill; maximum level is 15.
  • C4: The Moon Overlooks the Waters – With the Ceremonial Garment donned after casting her burst, Kokomi gains +10% normal attack speed and hits will restore 0.8 energy for her.
  • C5: All Streams Flow to the Sea – +3 levels for your elemental burst; maximum level is 15.
  • C6: Sango Isshin – With the Ceremonial Garment active after using her burst, Kokomi gains a +40% Hydro damage bonus after her normal and charged attacks heal a character with 80% or more HP.

To be frank, Kokomi’s constellations are extremely weird. The Bake-Kurage part of her C2 is okay since it just makes her a more effective healer. But, others seem useless since they provide boosts to your attacks. Let’s not forget that her crit rate is completely ruined, so it’s mind-boggling to have boons to her offensive capabilities. Worse, C6 can only proc based on an HP threshold.

All right, let’s go to the next part of our Genshin Impact Sangonomiya Kokomi guide to talk about the best weapon options for her.

Genshin Impact Sangonomiya Kokomi Guide Sangonomiya Kokomi Best Weapon Best Artifact Best Artifact Sets Best Talents Build Everlasting Moonglow Maiden Beloved 2b

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