Genshin Impact: Serenitea Pot guide — Furnishings, Realm Currency, and Trust

Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide Realm Currency Trust Adeptal Energy

Adeptal Mirror rewards

Finally, the Adeptal Mirror rewards is a panel that you can open by clicking on the teapot icon at the top of your HUD.


This shows several tasks that you can complete and the rewards that you can obtain. These are the objectives for round 1:

Task Reward
Check the placement screen and save Vivacious Smokeleaf (tree decoration) and Sprawling Daybreak (blueprint)
Enter mansion Long Table with Tablecloth (furnishing) and Wine o’ Clock (blueprint)
Obtain 30x pieces of wood from cutting down trees Tall Birch and Golden Knotwood (tree decoration)
Obtain 3x types of wood from cutting down trees Qingce Heronleaf and Qingce Skysail (tree decoration)
Process 1x dye Golden Triple-Arm Candelabrum and Pine Dining Chair (furnishing)
Make 1x piece of fabric Sunset Stone and Scorched Stone (rock decoration)
Learn 3x furnishing blueprints Liuli Pavilion Floor Lamp and Entrance Rug: Warm Welcome (blueprints)
Construct 3x furnishings Tavern Rug: Home Away From Home and Shopkeeper’s Cedar Shelf (blueprints)
Obtain 100x Realm Currency Pine Folding Screen: Billowing Sails and Red Cedar Curio Stand (blueprints)
Reach Trust rank 2 Square Pine Tea Table and Red Cedar Scroll Shelf (blueprints)
Reach Adeptal Energy rank “Humble Abode” (2,000+ energy) Pine-Backed Tea Chair and Calligraphy Table (blueprints)
50x Realm Currency

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Assuming you’ve completed all 11 of these objectives, you’ll be done with round 1’s tallies. You’ll get several rewards too:

  • Furnishing set blueprints – Tea Talk, Festival Market, and Book Lover’s Study.
  • Non-set blueprints – Assiduous Calligraphy, Glazed Vase, Vendor’s Booth: Rising Fortune, Toy Stand: Dazzling Delights, Umbrella Shop: Kaleidoscope of Parasol Colors.
  • Furnishing – Jade-eyed Cat. (Yes, you can have a cat in your Serenitea Pot abode. Hurray!)

Anyway, since we’ve discussed all of these facets already, it’s time to talk about other intricacies. You can view our other Serenitea Pot guides related to the Realm Depot, wood gathering, secret blueprint vendors, and a few tips to speed up crafting.

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Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub, as well as our version 1.5 overview.

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