Genshin Impact Special Kamera Kurious Kamera Five Flushes Of Fortune

Rejoice, photo mode fans! After the Kurious Kamera/Five Flushes of Fortune event, Genshin Impact has a new gadget called the Special Kamera. It lets you take dynamic images with a nifty filter effect. Here’s our mini-guide to help you out.

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Genshin Impact: The new Special Kamera

Genshin Impact‘s Five Flushes of Fortune event may have already ended, but your Kurious Kamera won’t go to waste. Simply check your quests panel and you’ll see something called “Perfect Shot.”

Go ahead and return to Liyue Harbor and speak with Ji Tong. He’ll ask you to return the gadget to him since he’s found a way to fix it.

Gen Pct Spckmr 1

Once you’re done, Ji Tong will give you some gold, a couple of adventurer’s experience booklets, and a replacement gadget called the Special Kamera.

It still has the same functions as the regular Kamera that you got from an NPC named Xu. However, the key difference is that it has a nice background effect.

For instance, here’s Ganyu just chilling (pun intended) on a cliff overlooking Liyue Harbor:

Genshin Impact Special Kamera Kurious Kamera Five Flushes Of Fortune 1a

That’s an image using the regular Kamera. If you use the Special Kamera, however, you’ll notice a hazy glow surrounding the frame.

The gadget’s description states that it was made when someone suggested an item that not only took pictures, but also captured a character’s mood. In a way, the Special Kamera does just that. It’s good for close-up shots of your characters, though it’d look weird if you’re trying to take dynamic, action-packed shots during fights.

Genshin Impact Special Kamera Kurious Kamera Five Flushes Of Fortune 1b

Try to capture the moment, like popping a character’s ultimate and waiting for their idle animation (Ganyu really is a great candidate for this). You might end up with awesome images.

Note 1: At the moment, the Special Kamera only has the gold filter/effect. I wonder if we’ll eventually see other colors being added.

Note 2: Since this is provided to you by Ji Tong in exchange for the Kurious Kamera, I’m not sure if players who missed out on the event will be able to get it later on.

Genshin Impact Special Kamera Kurious Kamera Five Flushes Of Fortune 2

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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