Genshin Impact Unlock Golden Apple Archipelago Version 2.8

The region of Sumeru is right around the corner, and we already have news about three new characters coming to the game in Version 3.0. But the area of Sumeru inĀ Genshin Impact is vast, and like other regions in the game, there will inevitably be even more characters you can recruit to your party. A new Sumeru trailer for Genshin Impact dropped today, showing off some of these five new characters, including the new Dendro Archon. (Yes, she’s a child.)

There are tons of new faces that pop up in this trailer, including the new mysterious Al Haitham who will cross paths with the Traveler. There’s also Dehya, a mercenary The Eremites and Nilou, who chose to pursue art and dance instead of knowledge. Cyno is the last character who shows up in this trailer. He’s been hinted at before in a roadmap for the game, so hopefully, this means Cyno has an important role in the story.


Prepare your wallets

It’s not just new characters coming to Sumeru and Genshin Impact, however. There are tons of new enemies you can encounter as well, including cute fungi which will take over my love for slimes, or cool green birds and tigers you can beat up. More of Sumeru’s luscious green environments have been shown off as well, with equal parts green mountains and hot desert that is bound to be a blast to explore with these new characters.

Sumeru will release in Genshin Impact version 3.0, which is set to release sometime after version 2.8. The region still does not have an official release date, so be sure to head back for news on when you can expect the next version. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, check out the trailer below for a glimpse at some of your future favorites. Or shield your eyes and protect your wallet with the lack of knowledge.

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