Genshin Impact The Palace Dyed In Black Guide Scaramouche

Genshin Impact: The Palace Dyed in Black guide

A familiar foe?

The Palace Dyed in Black is the last True Tales quest in Genshin Impact. Although the steps are fairly straightforward, it does feel more involved due to all the characters. Here’s our Genshin Impact The Palace Dyed in Black guide to help you with this quest that concludes the entire arc.

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Genshin Impact The Palace Dyed in Black guide

To start The Palace Dyed in Black quest in Genshin Impact, make sure you’ve completed all previous objectives. These are the True Tales that subsequently unlocked sidequests for the Moon and Stars Inscribe, Theater Mechanicus, Clash of Lone Blades, and Floral Courtyard.

Once you have access to this tale, talk to Albedo and meet up with your pals. You’ll head to Kamisato Estate where a blueprint is found. From here, you’ll go to Inazuma City to talk to Kujou Sara.

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Next, you’ll visit the nearby prison and speak to your buddies. Kazuha will then say that the flowerpot has a secret document.

When you head to the beach (which will be marked on your map), Kazuha will tell you about his ancestor who was humiliated but spared by a mysterious figure.

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Return to Ritou once more and talk to the characters. Albedo will unveil a painting that only has a background.

You’re then tasked with finding the person who’s been leaving clues. Check the plaza and find Ayato, who’ll admit that he’s been handing hints along the way. He also adds that you should look at the painting when there’s no one around.

Genshin Impact The Palace Dyed In Black Guide Scaramouche 1

Fast-forward the in-game clock until it’s between midnight and 5:00 a.m. Interact with the painting, which will reveal that the fifth Kasen is none other than Scaramouche. He’s not doing the fandango, but he has been causing quite a stir among the clans. In any case, this will complete The Palace Dyed in Black quest in Genshin Impact.

Note: Although this quest doesn’t unlock a new activity, it does yield some nifty rewards. There’s “The Five Kasen” Nishiki-e furnishing for your Serenitea Pot, as well as a Crown of Insight for talent leveling.

Genshin Impact The Palace Dyed In Black Guide Scaramouche 2

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