Genshin Impact: Vimana Agama quest guide

Genshin Impact Vimana Agama Guide Jaziri's Chapter Royinjan's Chapter Amiti Device Fragment

You’re gonna be roaming around while looking for floral/fungal pals in Genshin Impact. One, in particular, will assist you once you meet a couple of other NPCs. Toward the end, you’ll even explore the interior of a massive golem. Here’s our Genshin Impact Vimana Agama guide to help you with this quest that’s related to Aranyaka Part 2 and Adventure with Aranara.

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Genshin Impact Vimana Agama guide – First Chapter, Royinjan’s Chapter, and Amiti Device Fragments

Open the Aranyaka book in your quest items tab and click the “Go” prompt. You should see a marker pop up on the map (it’s close to the river in Devantaka Mountain). Go to the location and talk to Ararycan. This will start the Vimana Agama quest in Genshin Impact.

Additional objective markers will spawn as you keep traversing and grappling around. Eventually, you’ll see a tunnel entrance guarded by a Ruin Drake.

Inside the cavernous area, use the grappling points to easily zip in mid-air. There’s also a hidden fast travel point here that will only show up once you get close to the top.

Surprisingly, someone else is already there, an Akademya researcher named Jazari. He’s trying to open the passageway to no avail.

Jazari claims that an old man named Royinjan might know more about this contraption. Go to Port Ormos and talk to Royinjan there (offer 500,000 mora). Royinjan explains that there used to be a “secret base” in Vimara Village that he used to play in when he was a kid.

Go to the marked location in Vimara Village. Ararycan will then give you a new Vintage Lyre tune that lets you get past boulder-shaped obstacles. Simply play the Vintage Lyre and smack the boulder to get it to rotate.

Inside the cave, talk to the NPCs and pick up the Adventure Handbook. Give it to Royinjan, and he’ll provide you with an Amiti Device Fragment.

Back in Vimara Village, the elder, Amadhiah, states that he and Royinjan used to play in the secret base when they were kids.

Anyway, go back to the large cavern where you originally met Jaziri. The objective marker will point to a door that you can open. Clear the Withering Zone inside.

Next, the marker will point to a submerged cave north of Devantaka Mountain. When you get there, follow the seelie across the water.

The seelie will float to one of the pedestals. The other seelie can be found in a small room just below the barrier.

Hit the switch to lower the water level. You should now see a narrow passageway near the shallow water.

Get the Dendrogranum buff and use aimed shots on the floating ornaments. This will let you hit the totems with Dendro attacks to activate them.

Drain the water completely and you’ll be able to make your way to the lowest level. You can pick up another Amiti Device Fragment here. This will complete this section of the Vimana Agama quest in Genshin Impact. Oh, and if you want to defeat the Ruin Drake here, simply use a Pyro character to destroy the stone shackles.

Anyway, the Amiti Device Fragments are what Jaziri needs to unlock the mechanism. Next, you’ll explore the insides of a gigantic Ruin Golem.

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