Genshin Impact: Yoimiya guide — Weapons, artifacts, and talents

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Character ascension materials

Yoimiya’s character ascension materials can be found all over Teyvat.


Here they are:

  • Scrolls – Dropped by Samachurl mobs.
  • Agnidus Agate – Dropped by the Pyro Regisvine and Pyro Hypostasis; purchased from Souvenir Shop; higher-tier versions can be crafted by an alchemist NPC.
  • Smoldering Pearl – Dropped by the Pyro Hypostasis.
  • Naku Weed – Found in all zones in Inazuma. You can check our Naku Weed farming guide for more info.

Note: Yoimiya gains extra crit rate from certain ascension/leveling thresholds (up to a maximum of 24.2% crit rate).

Anyway, let’s talk about what you can expect when Yoimiya is part of your Genshin Impact team.

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