Get Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns closed beta access by looting

ArenaNet are wanting players to hunt down  portals for access to the next Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns closed beta.

Here’s a more exciting way to gain access to a beta test, integrate it with some gameplay. Starting today (27 April), Guild Wars 2 players are being challenged to find a “mysterious portal” to the Maguuma Jungle.

For a period of time, rare portals will drop from mobs in Dry Top and Silverwastes. These portals are bound to the player’s account so can not be traded which should encourage friends to team up to find more portal drops to make sure everyone can access the next test together.

As soon as the portal item is looted, access is granted. This new system should be a good enough incentive to get back in game and playing. Good luck.

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