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For those of you reading in the U.K., Canada, or elsewhere, today is just another Thursday. But for those in the U.S., it’s July 4, which means lots of food. So, while you’re taking breaks from celebrating America’s birthday, in-between grilling ribs and burgers, you can take a moment to nab Overcooked for free on the Epic Games Store. The free offering lasts for a week, so you can still grab the game for free until July 11.

Overcooked is all about food. This dandy little co-op game forces you to take on tasks as a chef in the kitchen. You must cut and prepare ingredients in a timely manner, all under the pressure of the clock. The overall premise is quite simple, but as a couch co-op game, Overcooked can become quite the rumble. The game is fast, and the tasks require precision. If you fail, your customers will storm off.

Overcooked for free | The Kitchen in Overcooked is on fire

Overcooked is comedic and cartoony

What’s worse than losing customers in your restaurant? Having your restaurant catch on fire, for starters. Anyone who’s worked in a restaurant knows that no matter what goes on in the kitchen, the food must go out. As it turns out, these rules apply to the Onion Kingdom as well.

Whether or not Overcooked accurately represents life in the kitchen is a matter of debate. The game, after all, takes place during the apocalypse, and the first character to be presented on the screen is none other than the Onion King. This comedic, cartoony game is published by the makers of the Worms games, Team17. The developer, Ghost Town Games, made its debut with Overcooked in 2016.

For those hoping for online co-op, unfortunately Overcooked is purely a local co-op game. However, Overcooked 2 does contain both online and local co-op. You can check out our review of Overcooked 2, which managed to take all the elements of the first game and expand upon them. In any case, make sure you grab the first Overcooked for free!

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