Get your relationships on in Crusader Kings II

Relationships. They’re an important affair; especially, as this video explains in some detail, in Crusader Kings II.
Julian Assange look-a-like Henrik Fahraeus, the project lead on the game, talks us through the relations between characters and reveals that Crusader Kings II will be featuring unilateral rather than bilateral relationships. This means that rather than a basic ‘if you don’t like me, then I don’t like you’ system, it’ll be possible to take actions which are not necessarily meant as personal attacks (playfully farting in their cereal, perhaps) that leave the other person disliking you but your feelings towards them intact.
They’ve dubbed this system ‘Character Opinions’ and apparently your standing with another character will definitely suffer if you try to have their sister killed. Odd, that.
Crusader Kings II is due on the PC during the first quarter of 2012 (so, January-March). It’ll also be part of Paradox’s E3 line-up.

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