April 7th, 2017

Getting a fix: Prison Architect alpha 12 smuggles out contraband

Prison Architect

Introversion Software have announced the release of Prison Architect‘s alpha 12, which adds in contraband. Or possibly smuggles it out. I’m not quite sure how the terminology works, there. Either way: Prison Architect has a new alpha.

As noted above, the big addition here is contraband. You’ll still need lots of different room types to keep your prisoners happy, but now they might well be used for more nefarious purposes – prisoners can sneak weapons and tools out of the workshop, drugs out of the sick bay, booze and smokes from the warden’s office, and possibly even get stuff smuggled in via visitation rooms.

To counter this, you’re free to search prisoners, search cells, or search the entire prison – but this will naturally piss off the prisoners, so if you do it too often without turning anything up you’ll likely find have a riot on your hands.

I’ve been meaning to write something about Prison Architect for while now, so I suppose this gives me ample opportunity to do so. If you haven’t got access to the alpha, you can get instant access for $30 on the official website or £19.99 on Steam.

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