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As we prepare to flip the calendar over to a brand new year, news of what lies ahead for many games has started to churn out. One such title is none another than Farming Simulator 22, which just celebrated its first anniversary. Now, developer Giants Software is outlining what fans can expect for the sim’s second year. In 2023, Farming Simulator 22 is set to gain four small content packs that will tackle different aspects of gameplay in its Year 2 Season Pass. Finally, like this year, the content rollout will culminate with the release of a “big expansion.”

Grow another day

The first pack for Year 2, slated for release sometime in early 2023, will “take baling a step further.” Baling has been a part of the series for quite some time now. Its current use allows players to sell it as a product or include bale in animal diets. Thus, this first content pack seems like it will expand upon this feature set.

As for the second pack, it will include “machines to rule the mountains.” This will arrive in the middle of next year. Silverrun Forest, the original map that’s at the center of the recently released Platinum Edition, features quite a lot of elevation changes, complete with meandering paths through its hillsides. So, it looks like this second pack will make technical maps like Silverrun a little easier to conquer with elevation-ready machinery.

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The third pack, also coming sometime in mid 2023, is a secret “bonus pack.” Giants didn’t offer any hints to what will be included.

The fourth and last Year 2 content pack, slated for release late next year, includes “equipment to improve productivity.” Whether this equipment will be handheld by the player or used by/alongside actual machinery is something Giants will reveal later.

Year 2’s finale, the “big expansion,” will allow players to “explore a new map, lush with exciting crops.” The latter half of that description suggests that players will get to plant and harvest new crop types. In the infographic released by Giants, a carrot is used here, thus suggesting that it could very well be one of said crops.

Farming Simulator 22 Year 2 Infographic (copy)

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The Year 2 Season Pass for Farming Simulator 22 is on sale now for $39.99 USD via Giants’ official website.

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