Giveaway: Fight for your food in Ninjin: Clash of Carrots

Giveaway: Fight for your food in Ninjin: Clash of Carrots

Thirty-one years ago a man was born. That man liked bunnies and foxes and ninjas, and as luck would have it, carrots was one of his favorite healthy snacks growing up. Fast forward to today and that man really likes bunnies and foxes and ninjas, and just last night demanded that his mother make him a carrot cake. She did, and he enjoyed it immensely.

Hi, I’m Wes, and I’m that man I was just talking about up above. And I’m your man to hook 20 readers up with a free copy of Ninjin: Clash of Carrots so you can be big and strong and demand confections from your mother — LIKE ME!

The game

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is an anime-inspired beat-‘em-up with a gaggle of varied enemies, deep customization…and ninjas! Play through side-scrolling worlds consisting of multiple stages and collect carrots that act as currency which can be redeemed in the Corgi Store for new equipment, or the Shady Shop for special weapons, masks, and other customization items. Grab a friend to join you in 2-player online or local co-op!

I don’t know if you just read that part, but there’s a Corgi Store. *clears throat* I said there’s a Corgi Store! And you play as a totally kawaii bunny or fox and have to beat the crap out of other ninjas so you can hang out with the Corgi Store clerk! I have the power to ban you, and I think I might use if it none of this sounds appealing to you.

How to win

To enter for your chance to shop from the Corgi Store, use the widget below and tell us which animal you hope the shopkeeper hires to help tend the store. I hope they hire a ferret because my dad’s old roommate had a bunch of ferrets once and they were filthy. All they did was crawl under and through things and smell bad, and I’ve got a feeling that’ll be really handy in a shop, somehow.

Winners will be drawn on Monday, September 17.

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is available now for SteamXbox OnePS4, and Switch. Be sure to check out our other sites across the EG network in the coming days for more chances to win!

Win a Steam key for Ninjin: Clash of Carrots!

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  • tacos

    I’m Wes, and I like tacos. EG Community Manager, Creed’s forty-second biggest fan.

    • 7thGuest2.0

      I would complain about yet another giveaway but then you said Corgi and I was floored.

      • Wes Tacos

        Complain all you want, buddy, I’m not going anywhere! My main job at EG is to bring readers in. What better way than for them to realize that no other gaming network gives out as much free stuff as we do?

        • 7thGuest2.0
          • Evan Lazer

            the seriously odd thing is i have won every contest hmm

            • 7thGuest2.0

              Giveaways are rigged confirmed!


              • Evan Lazer


              • 7thGuest2.0

                Uh… ?

              • Evan Lazer

                hell i dunno figured maybe you wanted the key for this game
                i won again

              • 7thGuest2.0

                I did won this too. 😀
                I was just goofing around, as usual. xD

                Thanks anyway, you’re very kind. ^-^

                Though a key in the open like that, probably a bot took it.

            • Paul Younger

              That’s not really odd as we are in the process of ramping up readership on the site. As more people enter your chances will decrease 🙂 Enjoy it while it lasts 😉

              • Evan Lazer

                nah i don’t keep them i give them to the people who comment that want it feelsgoodman