Godfall Celebration

We are on the eve of next gen and one of the biggest titles for the PlayStation 5 is also coming to PC. That would be the “looter slasher” Godfall from Counterplay Games and the publishing branch of Gearbox. The game has been anticipated for quite some time already. With the release date approaching next week, Counterplay decided now would be the perfect time for some extra information.

First we got a brand new launch trailer for the game that delved into the story of the main game a little bit. Two brothers are at war and one of them fancies himself the new god of the land. It is up to your main character, the other brother, to travel the world and get stronger while forging more powerful weapons to take him down. The game is stunningly gorgeous and the transitions from cutscene to gameplay are almost seamless. You can check out the full launch trailer here.

In addition, a “Godfall Celebration” was held today to hype up the game. The almost 53 minute long presentation featured Keith Lee, CEO, and Dick Heyne, Senior Technical Producer, at Counterplay Games showing off some brand new gameplay. Afterwards was a Q&A with influencers Arekkz and My Name is Byf who currently work with Counterplay to promote the game and create content for it.

It isn’t schlooting it is… slooting?

The idea for a “looter slasher” is very cool. Being able to take on the powers of the bosses you defeat, like an ancient godlike Mega Man, seems like a lot of fun. That rings especially true based on what we saw in the Godfall Celebration video. The game will release on PC via the Epic Games Store and have several different versions available. A standard $60 version, an $80 deluxe version, and finally a $90 Ascended Edition. The latter is for those that want to jump into the game head first. Godfall releases next week on Thursday, November 12.

Please note that all prices are in USD.

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