GoG Adds Empire Earth 3, Master Of Orion 3

Empire Earth 3 and Master of Orion 3 are the latest pair of titles to hit GoG.Master of Orion 3 differs from its predecessors in that your role is more one of macromanagement rather than micromanagement, guiding the race rather than controlling it. It also differs from its predecessors in that it’s a bit rubbish. Empire Earth 3 also mixed things up a bit, giving players a world map to conquer in the time-spanning RTS. It was also slightly more rubbish than its predecessors, but it’s still a reasonably solid RTS.It’s like it’s Slightly Rubbish Sequel Week, or something.Not the best week for GoG, considering that the past few weeks have given us Master of Magic, Master of Orion 1 and 2, Blood 2, and Outcast, but then again neither of the titles up this week deserve to disappear forever and there are only so many jaw-droppingly fantastic titles that GoG can put up at a time. So have a look, and see if either appeals.