gog luck of the irish

If you are an actual Irish person and get sick of seeing this sort of thing every damn year, you have my sympathies.

GOG is muscling in on some St Patrick’s Day action by launching a Luck of the Irish sale, in which, guess what, various PC games are cheaper than they usually are. You won’t even have to wear green, get drunk or pretend that you have Irish heritage. All you need to do is have moderate amounts of cash and a desire to play PC games.

It works like this; you select five games from the list provided by GOG and save up to 90% on the combined price. They aren’t rubbish games either, you can get things like Alan Wake for $3.00 USD, Hotline Miami for $2.00 USD or Expeditions: Conquistador for $4.00 USD.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can add $2.00 USD “Pots of Gold” to your list and the GOG server will pick something at random (not present on the sale list) for you. Warning: GOG sells Daikatana so there’s a chance you might end up with that. On the other hand, it also sells Deus Ex and Anachronox, so you might get the lovely parts of the Ion Storm game trio instead.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many Pots of Gold you can add, so if you want to pay $10.00 USD for five random games then it looks like you can do exactly that. The Luck of the Irish sale is going to run for another six days, so you’ve got plenty of time to ponder it.

But wait, there’s another sale happening on GOG this weekend as well. The “Big Games Weekend” promo has some equally decent titles like The Banner Saga and Outlast at slightly cheaper prices. Not as cheap as two or three dollars, but not bad either. This one, as the name suggests, runs over the weekend.

As ever with GOG stuff, any games you buy will be 100% free of DRM.

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