Good omen: Lucius 2 launching on Friday the 13th

Lucius 2 will launch on 13 February – or Friday the 13th, if you’d rather.

Lucius 2 casts you as Lucius, the son of the devil, continuing in his mission to brutally murder everyone around him with creepy supernatural powers. While the first game was a linear puzzle/stealth game that required a degree of psychic powers to understand what the devs wanted you to do, Lucius 2 is apparently more of a sandbox in which you can explore both a five-storey hospital and the surrounding town, and decide who to kill, how to kill them, and when to kill them. Hopefully, then, it’ll be a bit more Hitman.

All the right noises are being made in terms of “100 potential victims”, “3D splatter adventure sandbox”, creating your own traps with a “complex combination system”, and the like. The first game was a bit rubbish, but if all of what’s being said is true, then this Valentine’s Day massacre might be worth a look.

We’ll find out in a few weeks time. Lucius 2 is due out on 13 February, and will cost $19.99 / €19.99.

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