Google Targets In-game Ads

Google are now looking to expand their advertising network by bringing AdSense to games via new in-game advertising technology.Google has done rather well from AdSense on the InterWeb and it appears they’ve been following the trend of in-game advertising according to an article on AdventureBeat. The article cites the Internet giant has been working away on their own in-game advertising technology for some time and Google could in fact be ready to roll it out now.The new technology can be applied to PC, web , mobile and console titles according to sources close to Google. Inside sources have also revealed that the new technology could allow in-game characters to introduce an advert by something “And now, a word from our sponsor,” which would lead into a video promo.With the in-game advertising market growing, you can bet Google will be looking for a slice of the pie, but let’s hope it’s not to the detriment of the gamer.