Gotham Knights trailer

Gotham Knights trailer revealed at DC Fandome alongside gameplay

The Bat Family is all here.

After over a year of teasing and hints and ARGs, we finally have a trailer for WB Montreal’s next game based on the Batman universe. The Gotham Knights trailer premiered today at the DC Fandome livestream event. Presented by Shazam himself, Zachary Levi, we got a look at the trailer plus a quick Q&A with the devs afterwards. A gameplay trailer featuring Batgirl was released soon after.

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Gotham Knights is an all-new story that is not connected to the Arkham series of games. Bruce Wayne has apparently fought his last, leaving a message for his Bat Family to take up the fight. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), Tim Drake (Red Robin), Jason Todd (Red Hood), and Dick Grayson (Nightwing) take up the mantle of the Bat to protect Gotham.

The game will be playable either solo or as a two-player online cooperative experience. WB Montreal also hinted at more characters being added down the line. More Bat Family members like Batwing, Batwoman, or Orphan could easily be added post-launch.

Team up with your friends to save Gotham

As stated earlier, another trailer with gameplay was also shown after the reveal trailer. The footage comes from a “pre-alpha build,” but as we know developers tend to have a very loose definition of that phrase. Regardless, the game already looks visually great, as we see Batgirl in her new costume (which I love) cycling through the city towards a building taken over by Mr. Freeze. On the approach, Robin joins in, which is most likely to represent a player joining your gameplay session.

In this Gotham Knights trailer, we can see that the gameplay is at least very reminiscent of the Arkham series. Batgirl is traversing the terrain and engaging in very Arkham-style combat with Robin in tow. We also get to see Batgirl use special abilities like summoning a cloud of bats and using homing batarangs that continuously attack the opponent. The trailer ends with a very cool (heh) snippet of a boss battle with Freeze.

The game looks to be going after the same market as Marvel’s Avengers. Based on how impressive the game looks already, it may be setting up to steal Marvel’s thunder in that regard. Gotham Knights is set to release sometime next year in 2021 for the PC. DC Fandome continues all day today, and will rebroadcast all of its panels three times throughout the day.

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