Grab Alan Wake and For Honor for free from the Epic Games Store

As we all should be aware of by now, the Epic Games Store has been giving away free games since its launch last December. Last week we reported on the games you could snatch for free, This War of Mine and Moonlighter. We also mentioned the games that would be available this week, which you can now grab on the website or directly from your Epic Games Store launcher. These games are Alan Wake and For Honor. A rather unlikely pair of games, but players might be able to enjoy both experiences in equal measure.

For Honor‘s multicultural historical fantasy

For Honor released in early 2017 to an average critical and commercial reception. This is a third-person action melee fighting game where you can play as historical fantasy renditions of warriors such as knights, samurai, and Vikings. More recently, Ubisoft also added the Chinese Wu Lin martial arts fighters. The game is now in its third year and its third season, as you can see from the recent video above, which showcases a new hero. Hulda, a hammer-wielding Jormungandr warrior, is the leader of the Northerners and a veteran of Viking history.

There’s also a brand new Breach map, Storr Stronghold, a Viking fortress raised from the ashes of an old fort. It features some impressive environment art direction, which will make for a compelling siege experience. For Honor is probably much more fun with friends than solo, but you can play it both ways. You’ll still require Uplay installed on top of the Epic Games Store launcher if you want to play it.

Alan Wake is tense action thriller

Alan Wake first released back in 2010, so it might show some signs of age, but it’s still a compelling third-person action thriller. It tells the story of the eponymous Alan Wake, an American writer struggling with writer’s block (because that’s what writers do, I guess). He travels to a mountain town in Washington with his wife Alice, hoping to break through the block. However, things go awry as he finds himself alone in the dark, struggling against the forces of darkness, armed with nothing but a flashlight.

It’s a good game with some poor writing in the middle, but it’s your standard Remedy Entertainment experience. If you’re looking for a game to tide you over until Control comes out, Alan Wake is the game for you.

GNOG is the next Epic Games Store free game

For Honor and Alan Wake will be available for free until Aug. 8. Then the Epic Games Store will give out GNOG, which I haven’t played or heard about until now. According to the description, it’s a 3D puzzle game set in a tactile world of toys and secrets. It features the point-and-click-ish gameplay as you grab, poke, spin, and pull with monster heads, exploring the hidden worlds inside them. The game features a reactive soundtrack and hand-crafted art. You can play it in both standard move and VR.

What do you think of all these free games? Are you building a collection on the Epic Games Store or avoiding it entirely? Drop your comments below!

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