Grab a free copy of 2D side-scrolling MOBA Hyper Universe

Grab a free copy of 2D side-scrolling MOBA Hyper Universe

We’re giving away a load of Steam keys for the 2D MOBA Hyper Universe which is currently in Steam Early Access.

Featuring an array of colourful heroes, or Hypers, this side-scrolling 4v4 action platform title also comes with MOBA gameplay elements so it’s a little different from your usual MOBA.

Dynamic Hyper Roles: Choose from a diverse set of both new and traditional MOBA roles that create a frenetic battlefield dripping with synergistic opportunities. Whether you prefer to be the tanky engager or just yearn to deal excessive amounts of burst damage, there’s a role that will fit your playstyle.

Stranger Danger!: What’s that around the corner?! The battlefield is riddled with dangers and mechanisms destined to be employed by enemies and allies alike. Team up and discover unique strategies as you climb ladders, bust through floors, and warp behind your enemies in pursuit of hyper victory.

Explore the Battlefields: Travel across multiple universes as you battle on unique maps that consist of varying turret lanes and jungle camps. Fight for control across the seven-level high map variants and prove you can rise to the challenge of Hyper Universe.

Today the game has also been updated adding a new Hyper and a new capture the point gameplay mode.

To grab your Steam key, just carry out one of the actions below before all the keys get snapped up.

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    • ShammyDubz

      Heads up, on the front page you typed “Gyper Universe” 😉

      Also yay, I got one! I’ve been wanting to check this out a lot actually. Thanks a bunch PCI! (^-^)

      • Paul Younger

        Whoops, sorted. Glad you managed to snag one and hope you enjoy it.