Batman: Arkham Knight

Anybody who purchased a Batman: Arkham Knight PC key through GreenManGaming will be entitled to a refund (on request,) according to a new post from the company.

After Warner Bros. took the decision to suspend all future sales of the PC version today, GMG issued an updated refund statement which says that “all refund requests will be honoured¬†as per WBIE’s request.”

You may have to wait a while before the refund is processed (as I can imagine that GMG are dealing with a fairly heavy volume,) but it sounds like everybody will be able to get one if requested. Refund requests are to be submitted in the form of a helpdesk support ticket.

Batman: Arkham Knight will continue to run (well, ‘run’) for those who’ve already bought it, so the option to stick with it while Warner Bros and Rocksteady and whoever else try to fashion it into a more acceptable shape is there too. The game will be updated as and when this work is completed (it might take a while, given the state it’s in.)

Meanwhile, like other digital and (reportedly) physical stores, GreenManGaming has removed Batman: Arkham Knight, the ‘Premium’ edition, and the season pass from sale.

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