Gruesome looking Horror game Agony getting procedural Agony Mode

Gruesome looking Horror game Agony getting procedural Agony Mode

Agony from Mad Mind Studios is out on 29 May promising some horrific looking gameplay.

Today Mad Mind announced a new mode that will launch with the game called Agony Mode. This mode will bring procedurally generated chambers to test players’ survival skills and these chambers will be made from human bones or frosted ice chambers. How welcoming.

This new mode will also allow players to choose their character’s gender prior to running around the levels partaking in random quests and challenges. There will also be a global leaderboard to try and climb.

Agony was Kickstarted raising CA$ 182,642 which was three time the amount they were looking for to get the game made. Players start their journey in the depths of hell with no memories if their past and the idea is to escape hell while encountering all kinds of gruesome beings along the way. It looks particularly unpleasant which means it will probably sell by the bucket-load.

Agony is out at the end of the month on Steam.


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