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It was recently confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V is heading to PlayStation 5. Rockstar Games also teased that some new upgrades will be included with the next-gen versions; content that isn’t possible on current-generation consoles. Obviously, with a PC you have the best version of GTA V running at all times, but this news got me thinking about what sort of improvements might be coming to these new versions of the game. That’s why I’ve put together this list of GTA V mods that will make your game feel like the best version on the PC platform.

Installing mods

First I want to touch on how to install mods in your game. This is done by downloading the mod files, and then copying them over to the main GTA V game folder. With the Steam version of the game, the filepath is: c:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V . Other versions of the game will have a similar filepath. Some mods might require additional tools, but you’ll be able to see if those are needed on each mod’s page.

Graphical mods

GTA V looks incredible, but given how old it is now, it could look better. These are just a few graphical GTA V mods that you could use to make your game look better than any next-gen game could dream of looking.


Download Link

Redux is one of the most stunning graphical GTA V mods. It completely changes the way the game looks, for the better, making it appear as beautiful as possible. It’s still GTA V, and it still looks very much like a game, but if you’re just after a mod that will push the visuals of Grad Theft Auto V to its the, this is the one you need. A recent blog post from the mod authors has confirmed that the mod even works with the Epic Games Store version of the game.

Gta 5 Mods Redux

R*hancer Photorealism Mod

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This is actually GTA V‘s version of one of the best visual mods for GTA IV. Instead of working to make the game look pretty, it attempts to make the game look as realistic as possible. You can keep pushing a game to look good, but you’ll never achieve a photorealistic effect without the proper tools. If you dream of driving around Los Santos and forgetting that you’re not actually playing a game, this mod is what you’re looking for.

Gta 5 Mods Rhancer Photorealism Mod

World enrichment

GTA V is a big game, full of activities for you to take on. Even once you’ve finished every activity and mission, you can still explore the world. Though your options become rather limited with everything accomplished. These mods add in something new for you to try out — missions that you might have thought would be a good fit for the game, but seemed to be missing.

Trucking Missions

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This is the GTA V mod that I wish I’d had at launch. Trucking Missions was built for players who just want to pick up cargo and take it from one point to another in Los Santos, enjoying the long haul. The missions fit in with the rest of the game, giving you a new way to earn cash outside of the typical options. Some trucking missions will require speed, while others might need to to drive carefully, or watch out for anyone trying to steal what you’re moving. The mod even offers a way to create your own missions, effectively turning GTA V into a unique version of Euro Truck Simulator.

Gta 5 Mods Trucking Missions

LSPD First Response

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This mod isn’t just an overhaul to the cops, it lets you be a cop. You’ll head to the police station and move out on duty, where you can make arrests, take part in high-speed chases, frisk people, call for backup, and generally do everything that the cops actually do in real life. There are some GTA Online servers where you can take on the role of a cop in a city full of role players, but if you’re just looking for a solo experience, this is the mod for you.

Gta 5 Mods Lspd First Response

Crime and Police Rebalance and Enhancement

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This mod fixes the arguably broken police system in GTA V. You won’t be playing as them; in fact the mod is designed to help you work against authority. For example, if you commit a crime, the police will not automatically start heading to your location and shoot you. Someone will first need to report the crime by phoning the police. And if you stop them, the police won’t find out about what you’ve done. Everything about the police system has been overhauled, and you’ll notice a slew of changes as you go about committing crime around Los Santos with this installed.

Gta 5 Mods Crime And Police Rebalance And Enhancement

Quality of life

GTA V is a very well-made game, but there are still some aspects of it that could be improved upon to make it even more realistic. These mods are small quality of life changes that will have a huge impact on your time in the game, even if you don’t notice them at first.

Dynamic Indicators

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This mod is pretty simple, but the impact is huge. All cars can have their indicators switched out for something a little better-looking, like the Audi ‘swoosh’ for example. You can also have taillights hidden, and even have brake lights taken off.

Gta 5 Mods Dynamic Indicators

Pull Me Over

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If you’re tired of always getting away from the police, and fancy obeying the law with a real threat of getting taken down if you don’t, this is the mod for you. Cops will pull you over for a number of reasons, including speeding, tailgating, using your mobile phone, driving on a sidewalk, running a stop sight… you get the idea.

When pulled over, you can be ticketed for multiple violations, resulting in a hefty fine. If you’re pulled over in a vehicle that has been stolen, you’ll be arrested. A recent update added in dynamic police spawns that are directly related to current crime rate and population. If you install it, watch your surroundings if you’re going to drive dangerously.

Gta 5 Mods Pull Me Over

Better Deformation

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Better Deformation is probably the most essential mod on this list. It increases the durability of cars in the game, and makes them fall apart a lot more before they’re completely unusable. Often you’ll be able to get one or two huge crashes in with a car before you need to look for a new one, but this mod changes that. Now you can get into way more pileups, and still drive away. However, your car might be a complete wreck and move at a snail’s pace if the wheels are caught on some bent metal.

Gta 5 Mods Better Deformation

Just for fun

These last couple of GTA V mods are more for fun than making your game feel like next-gen marvel. However, if Rockstar Games was to add these into the game with a big update, I think that they would fit quite well.

Vice Cry Remastered

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Yes, this is a full port of GTA Vice City in GTA V‘s engine. The game has been brought over in all of its glory, and even improved upon in some ways to make it feel like the definitive Vice City experience. This is a very impressive mod, though it does bring some of the poorer aspects of GTA Vice City to light. For example, certain areas feel empty and spaced out compared to the extremely detailed Los Santos. Take everything with a pinch of salt, considering how old the original game is, and let yourself go in one of the best-looking, and sounding, unofficial remasters to date.

Gta 5 Mods Vice Cry Remastered

Prison Mod

Download Link

I honestly think that Prison Mod should be a part of GTA V. Essentially, it adds in the ability for your to be sent to prison when caught by the police. You can get out on bail, or you can choose to remain in the prison and serve your time. Of course, serving time can be boring, no matter how many people you can interact with, so you can also plan an escape from the prison. I think that if Rockstar Games fleshed this idea out, it would be perfect for the main game, but at least we can enjoy what we know is an awesome feature with this mod right now.

Gta 5 Mods Prison Mod

Those are the best GTA V mods to give your game a next-generation shine. You can make it look better, enhance the world, and even give yourself a few dozen hours more content by combining some or all of the mods in this list.

Jamie Sharp
Jamie devoured the Command and Conquer series for the first 15 years of his life, and has adored games ever since. Now he spends most of his time thinking about how he can enhance games beyond the developer's intentions through the power of mods.

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