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You don’t have to venture far — digitally or physically — to notice things aren’t like they were just a few months ago. For some, this has meant living in panic or fear, uncertain whether loved ones, family, and friends will emerge unscathed from the pandemic. Job security is also not promised, leaving many to wonder if they will have income for necessities or be able to keep food on the table. Square Enix, though, has other plans for your hard-earned coinage. Instead of buying meals, you could instead fork over $100 USD in exchange for physical product purchases from Square’s online store. This will grant you a free — yes, you read that right — a free face mask with your purchase.

Here’s how to get your free face palm mask

The first thing you should note if you plan to safeguard yourself from the vicious virus is that you’ll need to create a Square Enix “Members” login. You can do so with your email, Square Enix Account, Steam, or logging in through Facebook. After you give up your personal profile information, you’ll be able to spend whatever money you choose in the online store.

Square Enix Face Mask 1

As it stands right now, there is free shipping for orders $75 or more. However, as previously mentioned, the only way to get the face mask is if you buy physical items from the store. A good start might be these polygonal figures from the original Final Fantasy VII ($64.99 each) or maybe even these randomized rubber straps, depicting members of the Final Fantasy VII cast ($72.00). If those don’t quite tickle your fancy, then you can always grab this nearly $70 Cloud plushie. He’s so… expensive cute!

Checking out for a cause

After you’ve loaded up your cart with all the goodies discussed, it’s time to reap the benefits of your willful spending efforts. Once your subtotal reaches the $100 mark, the Square Enix Members face mask will populate in your cart. Be forewarned, though, the actual product may differ from what is being plastered on its online digital store, as the image itself notes. But hey, with the mask you can do errands!

Stylize yourself with the new MEMBERS Face Mask and accomplish your daily ‘norm’ errands!

Well, I guess we’ve had #BagGate thanks to Bethesda’s handling of the Fallout 76 vinyl bags. So, #FaceGate, here we come!

Square Enix Face Mask 2

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