Guild Wars 2 free trial week starts 25 September

Guild Wars 2
This screenshot is hopefully still relevant to the current state of Guild Wars 2.

If your diary entry for the seven day period beginning 25 September says “gosh, I wish I could play Guild Wars 2 for free,” then I have some good news. I’m not sure why you’re writing “gosh,” anywhere though. Are you from an Enid Blyton novel?

Sorry, got distracted there. Right. Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet has announced that the latest free trial period for the game will begin later this month, at 12 noon Pacific time on 25 September. It’ll run until just before midnight on 1 October.

Free trial registration is open now, which gives you a chance to get your name down nice and early. You should also be able to start downloading the game. I’d imagine being able to do that early will help, since Guild Wars 2 is an MMO and likely to be pretty massive.

If you took part in a prior free trial offer period, your account will work for this one too.

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