CD Projekt are inviting people to stress test their Gwent servers (legitimately, I don’t think they’re asking to be DDOS’ed) on two particular days in September. It’ll be by invitation only, with this page stating that CD Projekt’s Facebook and Twitter pages will be the places to watch for codes on 22 September.

Server stressing events will take place on 23 September (between the hours of 5PM CEST and 9PM CEST) and then again on 27 September (between 8PM CEST and end at 12AM CEST). Those are European hours, so adjust your timezone accordingly.

CD Projekt make it clear that this won’t be a “feature complete” version of Gwent, and anybody who gets in on the test should (obviously) anticipate server problems. Things like deck creation and actual progression won’t be present. Basically, you will get a first look at the game, but this is a technical test, not a beta.

The actual closed beta for Gwent is scheduled for 25 October.

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