In the dangerous world of H1Z1, you don’t want to find yourself getting killed due to an unfamiliar keyboard layout. Sadly, that may all-too-often have been the case since launch, because the game had no way to set custom key bindings.

All that should change from tomorrow (12 February.) The incoming patch, fully detailed by Daybreak (formerly SOE) on Reddit, will add the ability for players to rebind keys to those of their choosing.

In addition to this rather helpful option, H1Z1’s lighting is said to have been given a “significant overhaul” and should apparently now look better in all circumstances. This lighting work isn’t yet complete, so if you happen to come across any lighting artifacts, Daybreak wants to know about them.

The Steam API is said to have been updated to fix “some” crashes, and there are quite a few changes and fixes which seem to deal with object orientation, placement and collision values.

As well as all of that, three H1Z1 guns have been altered in the following ways:

1911 Lowered Hip Fire and Iron Sight horizontal Recoil Lowered Damage Improved overall consistency while firing.

AR15 Increased Hip Fire recoil.

Shotgun Lowered damage per pellet Lowered horizontal recoil Lowered pellet count Slightly increased fire rate Adjusted pellet spread Decreased pellet speed Increased pellet weight Decreased amount of bleeding caused when hit by shotgun.

The servers will go down at around 3am (US Pacific) on 12 February for around two hours in order to apply this update.

Peter Parrish

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