Hades Aspect Of Gilgamesh Claws Of Enkidu Twin Fists Of Malphon

The Aspect of Gilgamesh, the Claws of Enkidu, is the fourth and final aspect for the Twin Fists of Malphon weaponry in Hades. It’s now available thanks to the 1.0 release. In fact, you’ll probably have a good chance of grabbing it while you’re trying to find the game’s true ending. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Hades: Obtaining the Aspect of Gilgamesh for the Twin Fists of Malphon

With Hades‘ 1.0 release, all the weapons in the game now have their fourth and final aspects. If you’ve been grinding and clearing often, then it’s likely that you’re just waiting for the Twin Fists of Malphon’s last form: the Aspect of Gilgamesh.

Note: The process might first involve obtaining the Aspect of Guan Yu and spending at least five Titan’s Blood on the other Twin Fists of Malphon’s aspects. This has been the case for the other weapons in Hades.

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Anyway, to find the Aspect of Gilgamesh, you’ll need to reach Elysium and do battle with Asterius the Minotaur while he’s alone. This special encounter occurs roughly within the first three or four chambers after you arrive in Elysium, so try to choose the doorways that have the skull icon and pray that you’ll end up lucky.

As you keep encountering Asterius (solo) in Elysium, he’ll divulge more about his story. Eventually, he’ll tell you a key phrase that’ll unlock the Aspect of Gilgamesh.

Note: Getting Asterius to talk to you about this topic doesn’t seem to be tied to the Pact of Punishment – Extreme Measures difficulty or the weapon that you’re currently using.

Hades Aspect Of Gilgamesh Claws Of Enkidu Twin Fists Of Malphon 1

After learning about the phrase, you’re good to go once you return to the armory. Interact with the Twin Fists of Malphon and you should be able to unlock the final aspect — the Aspect of Gilgamesh.

The Claws of Enkidu has the following capabilities:

  • Swipe attacks – The regular attack is slightly slower but hits harder.
  • Dash – Dashing several times can also be done by holding down the button.
  • Maim – The dash-uppercut causes the “maim” effect on targets. It increases the damage received by 25%, and damage dealt by 50%. After four seconds, the target takes a burst of damage.

Hades Aspect Of Gilgamesh Claws Of Enkidu Twin Fists Of Malphon 2

It’s quite fun to use. I tend to combine its regular and special attacks with boons from either Athena or Aphrodite. The latter’s “Weak” debuff could help offset the damage boost that maimed targets end up having.

Moreover, if you have the Aspect of Gilgamesh equipped during the Theseus and Minotaur boss fight, you’ll be treated to a unique banter between the two champions. Looks like Gilgamesh is Asterius the Minotaur’s best bud.

Hades Aspect Of Gilgamesh Claws Of Enkidu Twin Fists Of Malphon 3

Hades is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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