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Halo is a franchise that fell out of the spotlight after Bungie handed development over to Microsoft’s 343 Industries. While there has been some renewed interest in the franchise over the past couple years thanks to the ever-improving Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC port as well as the upcoming Halo: Infinite, many fans likely still prefer the classic Bungie days.

Many have likely also wondered what would have happened if Bungie stuck with Halo instead of venturing off to create Destiny. Well, in a sense, we know what one Bungie artist would have done. Lexington Dath is a Bungie employee currently working on the Destiny IP, but he managed to set aside enough time to recreate the Brutes from the Halo franchise as a form of fan art. It’s phenomenally impressive, though he is a professional after all.


Using Unreal Engine 4, Dath created custom models, textures, and animations for his take on the Brutes. The fierce warriors feature several unique species iterations, multiple armor variants, and even realistic fur. What’s even more awesome about Dath’s Brutes are the nods to both classic Bungie designs in Halo 2 and 343’s Banished from Halo Wars 2 and Halo Infinite.

You’ve drawn quite a crowd

As far as Halo fan art, Dath has been at it for a while now. Aside from his latest creations, he’s designed other iconic Covenant species like Elites and Grunts. Fans have been overwhelmingly positive towards his work too, and it’s easy to see why. Head over to his YouTube channel to see the Halo Brutes and more of the Bungie artist’s excellent work.

343 Industries has also taken note of fan preferences when it comes to art style though. After the lackluster reveal of Halo Infinite last year, the studio delayed the game to make sweeping changes across the board. We’re still not sure what all to expect when the game releases later this year, but we should start to see some noteworthy reveals in the months ahead. E3 is fast approaching, so that would be a prime opportunity to show off how Craig’s doing in 2021.

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