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A mysterious audio message in Halo Infinite‘s latest developer update has fans wondering about the game’s plot. The message, which a fan shared on Reddit, features a conversation between Catherine Halsey and Master Chief. An unidentified male voice is also present. Developer 343 Industries did not provide context for the audio, leading fans to suggest a potential plot point.

Reddit user Haruspis shared a video containing the audio message. Halsey asks the mystery man, who may be some sort of system operator, “How many?” The person says that 16 systems have been shut down and he is trying to lock “her” out. “You will not be able to stop her. She knows more about how this all works than…well, anyone,” Halsey responds. Halsey then tells Master Chief that “Cortana’s message has spread across the galaxy” and “most sentient AI are siding with her.” Finally, Master Chief reveals Cortana’s final words to him: “Goodbye.”

Fans took to the replies to share their guesses for the Halo Infinite audio. One user wrote that the audio seems to take place just after the events of Halo 5. Another person suggested that this could set up a plot line where Cortana hesitates to harm Chief and instead offers him secret help. For those who are unfamiliar with Halo 5, the 2015 game followed Master Chief’s Blue Team fireteam and Spartan Locke’s Fireteam Osiris. Master Chief set out on his own to hunt the AI construct Cortana.

Secret audio in the latest Inside Infinite article (Halsey and Chief) from halo

Halo Infinite‘s latest development update

The audio came from a larger 343 Industries blog post. In the post, the studio discussed the “expansive world of Zeta Halo.” Additionally, the studio mentioned Halo Infinite‘s position as a spiritual reboot of the original Halo games. The studio wants to develop new ideas for the game while maintaining the essence of the originals. With this new Halo Infinite audio reveal though, it seems that 343 Industries may use Halo 5‘s events as a jumping point for the reboot’s plot.

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