Halo Master Chief Collection - 343 modding details

With Halo: The Master Chief Collection making its way to PC, some users already have questions about the potential of mods. Well, prepare for a wealth of information, straight from the developers at 343 Industries. The team posted a new blog this morning, explaining what’s in store for the Halo modding community. The short answer? A lot.

What can you do for mods in Halo‘s world?

It appears that the developer is wide open for mod support for Master Chief Collection. In fact, 343 is even working to adapt Steam Workshop tools into the mix to make it easier for users.

That said, there will be some limitations. Michael Fahrny, a senior producer for 343 Industries, explained that they are hard at work on EULA settings. The support apparently takes “cues from our friends on the Minecraft team,” and it’s already “in review with our legal group now.” So, hopefully, it’ll be ready to go with the game on its first day of launch.

In addition, Fahrny also expressed how important ease of use is. This is all about “lowering the barrier of entry” to the world of mods. But it will also “allow less technical people to manage their mods.” The reason for this is that it can “lead to people getting themselves into bad states,” which is “not good for long-term modding health.”

Free mods will definitely be a go, but Fahrny explained there’s still some research going into paid, or premium, mods. He notes that 343 is “talking about this and not fundamentally against it.” But it’s still got a ways to go, as it needs to speak to Microsoft about “what we’re legally able to allow.”

The blog post goes into more detail, but fans should learn more about modding soon. In the meantime, a PC beta test for the first game in the series, Halo: Combat Evolved, is set to kick off next month.

Relive the announcement of Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the trailer below.

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