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Someone modded Halo weapons into Dark Souls, and it works

Halo Souls.

I was watching a popular Dark Souls speedrunner over the weekend, and during the stream he stopped to try something interesting. It was only a moment, but I turned away and when I got back he was blasting an undead soldier with what clearly looked like a Halo plasma pistol. Yes, someone has created a mod that adds Halo weapons to Dark Souls. And somehow, it worked. I nearly forgot about it until I saw news of it floating around.

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Apparently, the modder, Inferno Plus, released a Halo mod for Dark Souls earlier in the year. However, the original intent was to bring Halo maps to the multiplayer portion of FromSoftware’s game. It was apparently a success, but Inferno wasn’t done. The new version of the mod now allows you to run through the game with weapons like the SPNKr rocket launcher and needler. So, if you ever dreamed about sticking Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, with a plasma grenade, you now have that chance.


The mod, Dark Souls: Remastester, has been tweaked to allow Halo-style gameplay in the ARPG. Weapons like the battle rifle and Spartan laser can be found in the dire kingdom of Lordran. Oh, that’s right, there is a Spartan laser. When aiming a gun, the mod drops to a behind-the-shoulder camera, akin to something out of Resident Evil 4. According to Inferno, the mod includes 100 custom animations. You can check the video below to see it in action.

Dark Souls bosses can’t parry a sniper round

It does seem to work, but the mod is a work in progress. In the aforementioned stream, I did notice enemies and bosses throwing out T-poses when a plasma grenade went off. The animation certainly did add some humor to the already absurd display on screen. You probably also surmised that there may be a wee balance issue introducing guns to Dark Souls. Normally, the game consists of you getting close to your quarry for some melee action. Allowing you to lob grenades from a distance certainly removes some of the challenge factor. However, that’s not entirely the point, from what I’ve seen.

It’s Halo weapons in Dark Souls. Obviously, this mod exists for the fun of it. People mod games in certain ways just “because they can.” How else would you explain “Macho Man” Randy Savage making an appearance in Skyrim? If you want to try the Halo/Dark Souls mashup mod, Inferno Plus has a link to download it, along with instructions.

The video above also goes over more additions, including new multiplayer maps.

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