Rocket League fans, Halloween is upon us, so prepare yourselves for some pretty sweet and spooky new cars. Now that it is October, the game has received a full Halloween makeover with its new ‘Haunted Hallows’ event. Players will want to snap up these exclusive new designs before they are gone for good.

Haunted Hallows will basically work like any in-game season event. Throughout the event, there will be Halloween-themed rewards you can earn. Players will be trading ‘candy corn’ in order to get these rewards (how appropriate).

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Haunted Hallows runs from today until November 5, giving you plenty of time to collect your candy and trade it in. Check out the launch trailer below.

How Candy Corn Is Earned

You can earn candy corn by, of course, playing online matches. Like any other limited time event, there will also be new crates available and Decryptors which you will need in order to unlock these crates. All of them come packed full of Halloween goodies. Be warned, however, as these Decryptors are usually only given out in limited quantities. That said, you don’t need to necessarily shell out real-world currency this time in order to open some crates.

Other Details

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Also added to the game this time are the Golden Pumpkins. Players who collect these will be able to unlock items from Turbo, Nitro, and Player’s Choice Series 2 crates. You are also getting new powers to use in the Rumble mode.

Rocket League really isn’t skimping on Halloween at all, and this is sure to draw in both new and returning players. I personally love all the cool new car designs and think the opportunity to earn some sweet new rewards is a must.

We previously reported that Rocket League just hit 50 million players worldwide, so this game is not slowing down anytime soon. If this what they release for Halloween, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us come the Holiday Season. Happy Halloween, Rocket League players, and enjoy the Haunted Hallows.


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