Besides hosting large tournaments with huge money up for grabs, Rocket League just hit 50 million players worldwide, according to an official Twitter post. That’s a huge accomplishment for pretty much any game and shows just how popular online gaming and esports have become. This number comes from its players across all platforms, but 10 million players joined the vehicular ballgame just this year.

On Steam, Rocket League is king. To this day it remains one of the most consistent games on the Steam Charts, with player numbers tending to hit at least 50,000 every month for the past two years. It is also noteworthy that it continues to remain among Steam’s top ten games. Literally thousands — tens of thousands — are playing daily, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. As reported on our sister site Daily Esports, Rocket League Esports just announced they will be hosting a $1M World Championship in Las Vegas.

Rocket League also continues to draw in huge sponsors like Snickers and just celebrated its third birthday on July 19th. This game is not going anywhere anytime soon, and with all the cool packs you can buy, the loot boxes, and the exclusive in-game events, players are quite clearly hooked. All of this pretty darn impressive for an indie game! You can check out some interesting stats about it below.

Rocket League Facts [source]

  • 2.5 billion matches total have been played
  • Average match per use is 55
  • 1.4 million daily players
  • 3.5 million weekly players
  • 6.5 million monthly players
  • 13.1 billion goals scored

Congratulations to Rocket League and all the players who were a part of making this milestone happen. Who would have thought that cars playing ball could lead to Steam Chart domination? Let us know if you are an active player, and for all the latest Rocket League news tune into Daily Esports and PC Invasion.

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