Bethesda and Arkane have been cooking up some add-ons for Dishonored that will begin in December with ‘Dunwall City Trials’ and continue into 2013 with two story-based expansions. The first piece of DLC will set you back $5.00 USD and launch simultaneously on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in December. Later add-ons have yet to be priced, but will almost certainly cost more as they sound larger.

‘Dunwall City Trials’ gives players ten ‘challenge’ maps to try their hands at, testing stealth, combat and mobility skills. One of these will be an Arena setting, pitting you against waves of enemies. City Trials will feature a leaderboard and new achievements.

If you’re wanting more a narrative-based experience, the next piece of DLC will probably be more enticing. It’ll focus on Daud, leader of ‘The Whalers’. You’ll get to play around with his own set of powers, gadgets and weapons in new areas of Dunwall.

Finally, a third add-on will be similarly story-based, but Arkane isn’t releasing details of that just yet.

Dishonored went down very well here at IncGamers. Head through this link to read our 9/10 review.

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