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If you grew up with the Nintendo 64 and kept up with the myriad 3D mascot platformers that came out at the time, you may remember an odd little game called Glover. Released back in 1998, the game starred a sentient, four-fingered glove that cleared levels by manipulating a rubber ball and guiding it towards the goal. Although the game mostly fell into obscurity as the years went by, it still has its fair share of fans. And luckily for them, Glover will no longer remain stuck on the N64, as retro revival specialist Piko Interactive announced that an HD re-release of the title will come to Steam.

According to a press release, Piko Interactive began work on this remaster shortly after it bought the rights to the Glover IP a few years back. The company managed to make this remaster as close to the original as possible by taking the native code from the N64 release and implementing the necessary adjustments.


Giving an old glove new life

Piko Interactive CEO Eli Galindo noted that making the Glover HD port into a reality took a great deal of effort, and he thanked the developers for their hard work. Additionally, Galindo expressed hope that players will respond positively to this port so the developers can continue porting games like this.

Classic 3D platformer fans can expect to get their hands on this HD rerelease of Glover on April 20. The fact that the release date is so close will likely leave fans of Glover excited to re-experience a game they probably enjoyed greatly as kids. Of course, the port needs to come out in a polished state to properly serve as a fond trip down memory lane, and unfortunately, many HD remasters of beloved games have ended up less than stellar. Hopefully, the developer has given Glover the care and attention it needs despite its obscurity.

Daniel Pinheiro
Daniel is a games journalist who is deeply passionate about the medium and the impact it can have on our lives. He is open to all kinds of genres, but has a particular affinity for platformers and beat 'em ups. He also helped back the Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101: Remastered.

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