As you may have heard by now, Hearthstone‘s new auto-battler mode, Battlegrounds, has officially gone live in early access. It looks to be a huge addition to the franchise and a big hit with fans. However, if you’re out to unlock the full game, there’s a little something you may want to keep in mind.

According to a news report from PCGamesN, there’s a certain requirement you’ll need to meet to get to that point. Blizzard noted that players will need to “acquire” 30 packs of cards to open it up, referring to it as “bonus content.”

So how do you open it?

Fortunately, there are a number of different ways in which to get these packs. These include completing quests, purchasing gold, or taking part in certain Events or getting Bundles. But it will take a bit.

There is a flat option to go ahead and purchase the 30 packs. According to the report, this should cost you around £39.98 in European funds. Otherwise, you’ll have to grind your way through Battlegrounds, which could take a few hours. It’s nice to have options, at the very least.

There is other content that unlocks as you go along. Once you acquire ten packs, you’ll gain access to your Battlegrounds statistics. This will help you keep track of which hero you’ve played with the most, for example.

Once you reach 20 packs, a new hero will open up, making three available instead of the default two. Then, once you hit 30, you’ll open up the full experience, complete with emotes to use against opponents.

The real question is how many players will stick with the two heroes in match after match until the third eventually becomes available. Hearthstone devotees shouldn’t have too much of a problem with this, but casual players may find it challenging. Fortunately, the Arena mode should help out with this, though a fee is required.

Check out the trailer below to get an idea of what Hearthstone Battlegrounds is all about!

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