Hearts Of Iron Iv La Résistance

Paradox Studios is known for its epic expansion packs. The studio’s most iconic game, Hearts of Iron IV, has already received four separate expansion packs in the past. Now the Swedish developer is expanding its iconic grand strategy game with a fifth expansion pack called “La Résistance.”

What makes La Résistance unique is that it adds espionage to Hearts of Iron IV. By using the new intelligence agency, players can train and deploy spies to complete special missions. These missions include cracking codes, stealing secrets, and promoting various resistance activities.

Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance

Whilst the espionage system is the expansion pack’s biggest selling point, La Résistance also improves many other gameplay aspects. For example, improvements have been made to several of Hearts of Iron’s playable nations such as France, Spain, and Portugal. France has a new tree that gives the player more options for both the Free France and the Vichy Regime national focuses. As for Spain, they too received new national focuses to represent both Republican and Nationalist Spain. Finally, the Portuguese now have a unique focus tree just for naval conflict.

All of these changes should make playing as the aforementioned nations more diverse. For instance, when playing as Spain you will now have to manage a Civil War. Depending on if you pick the Republican or Nationalist side, there are different preferences as to when the war should take place. The Republicans tree focuses on disbanding the army for an easier win down the line whilst the Nationalist tree is all about going to war as soon as possible.

Heart of Iron IV’s latest expansion pack can be purchased on Steam for $19.99. It’s also a good time to check out the vanilla game, as you can play it for free right now until the end of February.

Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition, which comes with the Poland: United and Ready DLC, is currently 60% off on Steam at just $15.99. Otherwise, if you still have your doubts, consider checking out our review of La Résistance.

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