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For a long time, rumors claiming that famed director Hideo Kojima planned to release a new game on Xbox consoles circulated around. These rumors turned out accurate, as today’s Xbox & Bethesda showcase revealed that Xbox Game Studios and Kojima Productions have partnered up for a new project.

Although Kojima made an appearance during the showcase, he did not reveal any concrete information surrounding the project. However, he did hype it up quite a bit, as he claimed that it offered an experience “that no one has ever experienced or seen before.” Additionally, he stated that he always wanted to create this new game but had to wait a long time before he could do so. Thanks to the current trends in the gaming industry, he can now fully realize this idea, although he noted that “it may take some time.” The game will specifically take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud technology.


What could it be?

A few days ago, a report suggested that Kojima Productions had a horror game project called Overdose in development. This project could serve as Kojima Productions’ new Xbox game, but we cannot say that for sure. Notably, the report claimed the existence of brief teaser footage of this new game that Kojima did not unveil during his announcement. On one hand, the footage may not have been ready for a public reveal. On the other hand, this could mean that Overdose simply doesn’t exist.

A long time may pass before we learn exactly what Kojima and Xbox Game Studios have in store. Whatever it is, it will likely have an interesting gameplay premise at the very least. Death Stranding showed that Kojima Productions have the talent to make virtually any gameplay idea work, no matter how simple it may sound at first. Whether or not this new game will have a compelling narrative remains to be seen.

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