Hitman 2 Elusive Target 3 The Appraiser

On Friday, IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive announced that Hitman 2‘s third Elusive Target, The Appraiser, is live and ready to be taken out. She is located on the Isle of Sgàil in the North Atlantic and will be available from January 25 to February 3.

As with all Elusive targets, you’ll have only one chance to assassinate her within the 10-day period. Successful players will unlock the tuxedo and mask with gloves suit.

The Appraiser, whose real name is Miranda Jamison, is a ruthless art world mogul. Her criminal activities have left a trail of bodies in her wake. Should you choose to accept this contract, you’ll need to take her out and retrieve her personal notebook before she can reveal a stolen work of art to potential buyers.

Hitman 2 received high praise from in our review for its near-perfect balance of timing, stealth, and action.

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