Hitman 3 Dubai Assassination Challenges Guide

Versatile Assassin and generic kills

Versatile Assassin requires you to kill these two targets using a variety of means.


Straight Shot

Just shoot either of them in the head.

Piano Man

When either has his back turned, use a piano wire, earphones, or other items to strangle them.

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Tasteless, Traceless

You need to bring a lethal poison item or pick up the pills from Zana Kazem at the start of the “Bird of Prey” mission story.

Here are some examples of when these two can be poisoned:

  • Carl Ingram will drink from the whiskey glass in the penthouse’s living room. Also, if you’re disguised as a penthouse staffer, you can go to the second-floor bedroom and prepare a deadly concoction for him.
  • You can mess with Carl Ingram’s food that’s being prepped by the famous chef. This will also complete the “Pick Your Poison” challenge.
  • If you dressed up as an event staffer and Stuyvesant is speaking with his daughter, you can offer him a fatal cup. You can also do this in the art gallery bar.

Htmn Db Asnch 4

Hold My Hair

The above instances still apply. However, instead of using lethal poison, use emetic rat poison instead. You find some in the staff room behind the bar and in the staff room next to the penthouse’s kitchen area.

The targets will start feeling sick. Follow them to a bathroom and drown them in the toilet.

Htmn Db Asnch 5

Someone Could Hurt Themselves

Several assassination challenges in Hitman 3‘s Dubai level also count as accident kills:

  • Impactful Art
  • Steep Task
  • Vertical Approach
  • Icarus
  • Mile High Drop

Anyway, let’s discuss the discovery challenges in this location.

Htmn Db Asnch 6

Hitman 3 is available via the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our Dubai level guide as well as our guides and features hub.

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