More Hitman is coming says IO Interactive

More Hitman is coming says IO Interactive

Today saw the launch of the Hitman Game of the Year Edition which comes with “visual and mechanical” improvements to the already solid game. When IO split from Square, nobody was sure what would happen to the long-running franchise even though IO held onto the rights after the split. Thankfully IO is not done with it yet.

In a letter from IO Interactive to Hitman fans they mention the next Hitman game and it sounds like things are moving along nicely.

“I want to let you know that we’re making great progress and we have exciting new features and some franchise firsts, which we can’t wait to tell you all about. You’ll have to wait a little longer as we don’t plan to start talking about that until some point in 2018.”

With revenue from Hitman Season One going directly to IO, it will have helped give them the leg-up they need to get another Hitman developed. Good news for Agent 47 fans. IO’s CEO Hakan Abrak stressed how important the support has been adding:

” Your support will directly help us to continue on our independent journey towards the next Hitman game and beyond. We’re in this together and we promise that we will channel our passion and skills to shine through in everything that comes from this studio.”


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