The Hokkaido level is finally getting some love in this latest (and 21st overall) Elusive Target mission for Hitman. This time, Agent 47 will be going after a pair of rogue surgeons.

Naturally enough, they work at the GAMA facility in Hokkaido, where they botched an operation on a billionaire’s son (and used illegally sourced organs to boot). This Elusive Target has an optional ‘poetic justice’ objective, encouraging 47 to eliminate both surgeons,¬†Pavel Frydel and¬†Akane Akenawa, with some kind of horrible virus.

They have free run of the facility, and protection, so getting close won’t be all that simple. As with previous Hitman Elusive Targets, this one runs for a limited time. You have seven days, starting today, to complete the mission. Die at any time during the attempt, and you won’t get a second chance.

Here’s the briefing.

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