Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section Disillusionment Athanaeum Guide
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Secrets of the Restricted Section is a main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. In it, you’ll learn a new spell, sneak around the library, and get a glimpse of the past. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy Secrets of the Restricted Section guide to help you with the Disillusionment spell, stealth section, and Athenaeum.

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Hogwarts Legacy guide – Secrets of the Restricted Section quest

Castle Halls and Library

The Secrets of the Restricted Section quest in Hogwarts Legacy occurs during your second day as a student (i.e., just after getting Incendio). Talk to Sebastian to start it, and he’ll tell you to meet him when it’s nighttime. After the cutscene, you’ll see the Disillusionment pattern which can be traced. This spell makes you invisible, allowing you to sneak around. However, enemies will be able to detect you if you move too fast or get too close to them. If you fail any of the stealth sections in this mission, you’ll have to restart from a checkpoint.

In any case, just pay attention to the patrolling prefects. You should be able to make it through the door that leads to the library. The old librarian is still around, so crouch-walk past her while she’s not looking and grab the key.

Go downstairs and you’ll come face to face with a ghost. The specter won’t move from her spot, so you have to use your Basic Cast (i.e., RT/R2/LMB) on the suit of armor. Make sure you’re fairly close to it and shoot it with your spell. This will cause her to investigate the noise, allowing you to sneak past her.

Down below, you’ll see a bunch of discarded antiques and tomes. Past the corridor are destroyed scraps of metal. As you approach it, Peeves will show up. Sebastian will distract him, so you’ll have to go on your own.

The Athanaeum

The next part of the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest in Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the Athanaeum. After using Reparo on the metal scraps, you’ll be able to pass through. Continue further down and you’ll stumble upon a gateway. There’s a chest here with a legendary gear piece, too.

Anyway, activate the glowing mark and cross over to the other side. This takes you to a small dungeon with some nice loot and a bunch of enemies. Here’s the gist:

  • There’s a chest to the left of the entrance. It has a legendary gear piece.
  • In the first room, use your Basic Attack on the device above the arch. This will cause a ledge to appear.
  • Take out the Pensieve Sentries guarding the next area. You’ll also find a rare-quality item inside a chest.
  • In the second room, you should move to the right-hand side (almost at the gap). Then, shoot the device. Platforms will spawn, allowing you to reach the edge. Shoot the device once more to spawn another set of platforms. This lets you pick up the a common-quality item.
  • Go back to the main area and hit the device a couple of times so you can cross. There’s are two more chests here with randomized loot.
  • In the third room, you’ll be up against half a dozen Pensieve Sentries. Make sure you’re countering their attacks, but watch out for red flashes since those are unblockable (i.e., you need to dodge-roll).
  • In the final chamber, your character will notice an ancient tome. When they stare into the pensieve, they’ll see a vision of the past.

After the cutscene, return to Professor Fig and report your discovery. This will conclude the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Moreover, you’ll receive the Petrificus Totalus spell. You’re not notified about it, but it should be in your spell tab. This ability is your “insta-kill” action of sorts, done via button prompt when you sneak up behind an enemy. Most regular hostiles will be petrified permanently, though tougher foes will only take a chunk of damage. In any case, with the completion of the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have to do some extra tasks as a regular student to progress the campaign. One of these is an assignment that unlocks Expelliarmus.

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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